Our Story

Wedding She Wrote - Wedding Planner - Auckland, New Zealand & Pacific Islands

Talofa lava,

We are daughters, granddaughters, & great-granddaughters of the South Pacific, of mixed heritage, living in the Pacific capital of the world—Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

We derive from large Pacific families, so we acknowledge the significance of cross-cultural and social communication; especially the importance of working together. With a strong desire to make a difference in our communities by creating unique wedding experiences, everything we do is personalised.

We love that our Pacific jewels & commodity are our people; our ideas, our mesmerising culture and customs, our perspective, and our strong connection back to our family values & traditions. As 'diamonds in the rough', we come from a history of pioneering ancestors. Undoubtedly the world's greatest navigators, using only the stars and natural resources, to travel across Te Moana Nui a Kiwa, the biggest body of water on the planet, and the world! Amazing! Timeless.

We believe that a Pacific woman’s potential and story, like Wedding She Wrote’s story, is yet to be fully realised and appreciated.

When we saw Disney's Princess 'Moana' on the big screen, it was a proud and powerful moment for Polynesian women and little island girls everywhere. She had our hair, our determination, our complexion.  It showed us that Pacific women have the ability to thrive, educate and represent to the fullest too.
Through connection, exploration, sharing, and comparing in ways that cannot be accomplished in isolation, we love that as Pacific women we naturally understand the concept of community and that nobody gets left behind.  It excites us to be a part of the bigger picture as Pacific women in business, understanding that we all play a pivotal role in pushing our collective story towards being positioned on the global stage.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

We love helping nearly-wed couples with unique heritages achieve the exciting wedding experience of their dreams!  We focus on celebrating the amazing & timeless story of unique cultures, customs, and traditions, matched with bespoke design & planning from the 21st century.  We specialise in taking weddings to places guests never knew existed!  With an emphasis on remote locations and destination wedding excellence across New Zealand & the Pacific Islands—because Polynesia is our home.  Understanding that not all weddings are one-size-fits-all, we are devoted to creating custom-fit weddings that our clients can be excited about!  We have all the skills and connections to design an exclusive event package for most budgets.  Get in touch, and let's make some magic!

Wedding She Wrote x